ROOST™ is a different kind of brokerage.  

Most brokerages have two lines of business. They work with buyers and they work with sellers. At ROOST, we work with buyers and sellers too, but we also work with investors, and the people who rent from them.

Embracing 100% of all of the people who need a home, not just the 60% to 65% of the people who own real estate, creates a very different kind of real estate company for our clients and for our agents.

Many people who rent their homes do so for their entire lives. Others will only rent for a few years before buying a home of their own. We help our tenant clients become home owners.

We also work closely with investors. We help investors find, evaluate, purchase, and manage investment property. By offering Property Management services to our investors, they are more comfortable buying more property.

Because we work in the property management business, we have relationships with skilled trades people that can help all of our listing clients prepare and maintain their properties for sale.

ROOST Real Estate Co.™ is a referral based business. We believe that the very best clients are those that are recommended by our existing and past clients. We have a referral based marketing system that keeps ROOST Real Estate Co. top of mind with everyone we work with.

Our tenants become buyers, and refer new tenants and new buyers to ROOST. Our investors become repeat buyers, referring new investors and new buyers, and new sellers to ROOST. Our buyers and sellers refer their friends, family and co-workers again and again.

We are the real estate company people turn to at every stage of their lives. We are there when our clients rent their first apartment, buy their first home, buy their first investment property, and buy their retirement villa on the beach.

This is the ROOST Real Estate Co. —Smart. Passionate. Supportive. Approachable. Meeting people where they are today, and helping them get to where they want to be tomorrow.