The ROOST Broker/Partners

ROOST brokers and managers are some of the most experienced and successful in the real estate business. This is important because the success of our agents is 100% dependent on the strength and financial stability of our Broker/Partners. Because the ROOST brokerage model incorporates property management income into the financial equation, there are fewer ups and downs throughout the year allowing for more consistent marketing and promotion.

The ROOST Culture

All of our agents are full time real estate professionals who are committed to the needs of their clients. Ours is a culture where agents and team members are free to do the work they do best. We believe in personal growth and supporting the communities and neighborhoods where we do business. Most of all we believe in creating opportunity and value for our agents and clients.

Motivation Commitment

ROOST Real Estate Co. Broker/Partners are also Buffini and Company Certified Trainers. Buffini and Company is the leading real estate coaching and development company in the country. Our association with Buffini and Company provides our agents with world class training that enhances and reinforces our referral based business model.

The Technology Solution

At ROOST we do not believe in employing technology for technology’s sake. We use technology to improve productivity and increase the income of our agents. Internet marketing and lead capture, contact management, communication, and cloud-based property management are just a few of the areas where we employ the latest technology to support our agents and clients. Most importantly, our technology just works.

Lead Generation Machine

ROOST Real Estate Co. is a marketing company that specializes in the sale and management of real estate. Everything we do is designed to generate leads and referrals for our offices and agents. All of our training is designed to help our agents and teams consistently generate more and more leads for their personal business. Incoming leads and referrals are what make a real estate business successful. Generating leads is our highest priority.

The Opportunity

Because we work in all aspects of the real estate business we have more, and different types of opportunities for agents and team members. We offer world class support and income opportunities for agents and agent teams. Call us today and find out what ROOST Real Estate Co. can do for your career.