ROOST Real Estate Co. is the premier local partner for real estate investors looking to make the most of their income producing properties.  

Our experienced team of professionals, maintenance specialists and independent contractors are backed by the best management and communication technology in the industry.  We specialize in apartment complex management as well as single and multi-family scattered lot management and tailor our services to meet the individual needs of our clients.

We charge a nominal setup fee to assess and integrate your properties into our system.  We charge a straight percentage of collected rent each month at a rate that is tiered to the number and type of units you own.  (There is no charge for the management of vacant units.)  Finally, we charge a $150 fee for each new lease or 12 month renewal. 

What we offer





Tenant Relations




Collections & Evictions

Improving your ROI

There are no hidden charges or mark ups on services provided by or contracted for at ROOST Real Estate Co. 

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