Getting Into a Rental

The Pick Me Application
First things first, bring us a complete application including  your last couple of pay stubs so we can verify that you can afford the home or apartment you are interested in. A complete and accurate application will ensure that we can get you a decision promptly.

The ROOST™ Reference Check
We do a credit and criminal background check for all of our applicants and check the references you provide us so make sure you cross your t’s and so on. Please give us working phone numbers for your references, past landlords, and employers. This will help ensure that your application goes to the top of our waiting list.

Once you’re in

The CertifiedRental Home
We perform a detailed inspection of every home and apartment we rent to ensure that it is ready for you the day you move in. We will review the inspection with you when you sign your lease. We want your experience with us to start off right on day one.

The Pet Plan
Whether  you’re into cats, dogs, or parakeets, we want to make sure that your animal friends are welcome. We allow up to two cats and a single dog (excluding breeds restricted by our insurance company) in many of our single family homes. You may be asked to pay an additional non-refundable security deposit  and a monthly Pet Fee, in addition to your regular rent. We are sorry but pets are not allowed in multi-family or apartment buildings. Pets in in buildings with common areas interferes with the quiet enjoyment of the premises by the other tenants.

If you are renting a single family home you will be required to have the utilities placed in your name. This includes gas, electric, water and trash pickup. Multi-unit and apartment buildings will usually have the water and trash pick-up included in your rent.  Some of our owners will allow you to include  your utilities in with your rent with an additional security deposit.  If you are unable to secure utilities in your name at the time you sign your lease, this may be good solution for you.

The Never Pay Late Secret
The most important thing you can do to ensure a successful relationship with ROOST Real Estate Co.™ is to pay your rent on time. The secret is to work on getting a month ahead on your rent so that if you do have an emergency you will not have to worry as much when the first of the month comes around. We are happy to help you track any advance payments you would like to make to build up a credit on your account.

The “Fix It” Request
There is nothing more frustrating than having something broken in your home and not being able to get it fixed.  We understand and are dedicated to responding to your maintenance requests in a timely fashion and taking care of emergency situations right away. 

The Move Out Walk Through
When it does come time to move to a new apartment or home we want to make sure you receive your full security deposit.  First of all, be sure to give a full 30 day written notice to us that you are moving out. Second, be sure that you paid all of your rent on time including your last month and any outstanding late fees or additional charges. Third, make sure your home is in as good or better shape as it was when you moved in. This will guarantee that you receive your full deposit back as quickly as possible and a terrific reference from ROOST Real Estate Co.™ as well.