10 Questions with Angie

1. How long have you been a part of the ROOST team

2020 is the beginning of my real estate journey. I have been privileged to spend my entire adult life as a teacher. Now, I am thrilled to pursue this new passion with the Roost team!

2. What’s the number one myth that you hear about the Real Estate market that you’d like to clear up?

I hear people claim they can buy or sell on their own. How hard can it really be? A real estate professional provides the knowledge and security you need for one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make. Let us work for you!

3. What is your favorite part about helping people find their next home or helping people sell their current home?

I love to put someone at ease by taking care of all the time consuming details. The client should enjoy the experience and trust that I will have everything covered. 

4. In your opinion what makes ROOST a different kind of real estate company? 

ROOST prides itself on its support system. As an agent, I know my support system is second to none. We build the same support system with our clients. They can always count on us for handling the real estate experience from beginning to end. 

5. What is the one thing you would tell someone who is hesitant to list their home out of fear of the market?

Don’t fear the market. It can work for anyone. Given enough time, we can find the perfect buyer or the perfect house to purchase. Trust the process, be patient, and watch the magic unfold. 

6. When you’re not working at ROOST what hobby occupies your time?

If I am not working, I am spending every spare minute with my husband, two sons, daughter and new son-in-law.

7. What is one thing that most people don’t know about you?

Most people would not guess that I am the biggest sports fan in my family. I enjoy watching the big games more than my husband or sons!

8. Coffee or Tea?

No coffee! No tea! Just Diet Pepsi!

9. Cats or Dogs?

Without a doubt, dogs! What is better than coming home to a dog that hasn’t seen you for a few hours?

10. Favorite movie? Sports team? Band?

I am a faithful American Idol fan since the very beginning. You could catch me watching any sporting event or the news. Go Bucks! Go Reds! And, yes, Go Bengals!

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