10 Questions with Levi

1. How long have you been a part of the ROOST team

Since 2014 on the marketing team, and 2017 as a Realtor.

2. What’s the number one myth that you hear about the Real Estate market that you’d like to clear up?

“It’s impossible to buy a house in this crazy market!” It may not be easy, but somebody’s buying a house today. And if they can do it, we can do it. If anybody’s buying a house, it ought to be you!

3. What is your favorite part about helping people find their next home or helping people sell their current home?

I love living in that moment of possibility. Buying a new home is such an emotional experience, with all the hope, the imagining, the dreaming and scheming. And selling opens new doors for the future. There are so many possibilities! That’s gotta be the best part.

4. In your opinion what makes ROOST a different kind of real estate company? 

We are a true Real Estate company, helping our clients sell, buy, and invest, and then managing their investment properties, providing a truly full-service experience to every client.

5. What is the one thing you would tell someone who is hesitant to list their home out of fear of the market?

If you’re in a position to sell in Nashville, this is an amazing time to do it. The market is very kind to sellers right now!

6. When you’re not working at ROOST what hobby occupies your time?

Dates with Shayna, goofing off with my girls, travel, cooking, music, writing, and training my genius dog for the Mensa admission test.

7. What is one thing that most people don’t know about you?

I’m startling good at skipping rocks. My record is 27 skips, which I’ve done twice. (Not even kidding.)

8. Coffee or Tea?

All of the coffee. I love a fresh ground pour-over in the morning, or a tepid cup of black-tar truckstop roadtrip swill. I’m not picky

9. Cats or Dogs?

Dogs. Forevah. Cats make my eyes itchy.

10. Favorite movie? Sports team? Band?

My favorite books a The Spy Who Came In From The Cold and The Brothers Karamazov. (Reading is a sport, right?) 

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