I believe that where our passion for our business intersects with our desire to be heroes to our clients, lies our opportunity as entrepreneurs to be rewarded handsomely for our efforts. This is not a magic formula. If it were, many of us would be very well-off indeed. Profitability requires focus, structure, a set of proven processes and intentional execution.


Adding Value

Being of Use

Trusted Collaborator



Doing what you love for

 people who appreciate

what you have to offer.

Our business plan is deceptively simple.  It is designed to offer our agents and clients superior experiences not regularly obtainable in the market, at a competitive if not premium price.  In short, we offer superior value.  My goal is to offer our broker owner partners and franchisees superior value as well.

Care To Learn More About Our Company?

  • Try the new Market Maker Advantage Scorecard.  Score yourself on the eight mindsets that are either growing or slowing your business right now.  www.MarketMakerScorecard.com.  
  • If you’re ready to make the leap and live the good life, email me directly at Chris@ROOSTRealEstateCo.com with ‘Let’s Start’ in the subject line.

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