If we were sitting here three years from today talking about your business, what would have to happen for you to feel incredible about your progress?

The ROOST Good Life for Realtors Promise™

I’d like to have that conversation.

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The Four Freedoms of a Real Estate Professional

We help you build a self-sustaining business so you can experience the freedoms of money, time, relationship, and purpose.

“What I love about ROOST Real Estate Co.™ is that the brand really sums up what we want to be and what we want to do. We want to make the process of buying, selling, and investing more approachable, informal, and generally less intimidating than it sometimes is.”

Jennifer Webster, Realtor® since 2005
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The Training and Development Commitment

We partner with the finest real estate training and coaching companies on the planet so you can continually improve your performance and increase your value to your clients.

“Being a new agent I was really looking for training and support to help me get my career off the ground. ROOST Real Estate Co.™ has given me that and more.”

Brittany Stover, Realtor® since 2014
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The Market Maker Advantage

We show you how to make your own market so you will never again be dependent on anyone for your next commission check.

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The Quick Start Game Plan

We make the investment in your future on day one so you get an immediate bump in your business building opportunities.

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The Agent Service Manager

The Agent Service Manager is the personal assistant you need so you can spend more time doing what you do best.

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The Rhythm of our Business

We will show you how to ‘go with the flow’ and plan your year so that you can go all in when it makes sense, and recover and celebrate before you start to burn out.

I was so excited to make the switch to ROOST Real Estate Co.™…but my biggest concern was hitting the ground running when I arrived. As soon as I transferred my license…the entire ROOST™ team worked together to make me feel welcome and make sure I was back in business right away. I really appreciate their concern for me and for my clients.

Priscilla Sims, Realtor® since 1993
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Your Pay Your Way™

Your Pay Your Way™ is transparent, easy to understand, and flexible so you can count on the industry leading compensation you deserve.  

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Your Brokerage for Life

We pledge to always be creating strategies to support your personal growth so you never need look outside the company for your next big opportunity.

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Take 15 minutes and score yourself on the eight mindsets shared by the most successful Realtors in the business.