A real estate company’s success is no longer dependent on the location of their office, or in some cases, even having an office at all. These days, most of our agents only come in as they need to, usually to meet a client, attend a closing, or to turn in a file and collect a commission check. Technology has given every agent the option of having their ‘office’ wherever they are.  

Our site selection criteria are intentionally non-specific. What will make sense for one operation may not make sense for another. An established operation is going to want, and will be able to afford, a site with high visibility, high traffic counts, easy access and sufficient parking. A new operation or a hybrid virtual office operation may require something totally different. We support whatever works best for the franchisee’s individual situation. We do however have the right to approve or reject a proposed site.

Our office at The Perch, a shared space facility in the Short North area of Columbus, Ohio midway between The Ohio State University and downtown.

Maximize Productivity to Maximize Profitability

We clearly want ‘right-size’ offices that promote productivity and foster the quest for meaningful work and meaningful relationships with as little overhead as possible. That is just good business. However, we cannot compromise on the office equipment and communication services that make 21st-century productivity possible.  

Shared Space Opportunities

In new markets, we are exploring shared space facilities to obtain a great address at an affordable cost with an opportunity for expansion. A larger operation and a robust property management business will require something larger of course. With today’s technology, a small shared space makes sense if the goal is to establish an initial presence in a new city.

In Nashville, we have space at the Industrious Nashville Gulch.

Sample Interior Office Graphics

The pictures below will give you a sense of our former and current office in Springfield, Ohio. It is not terribly fancy, but it is supremely functional. Any office should fit the needs of the business and the expectations of the local market.

14 East Main Street, Downtown Springfield, Ohio.

Our Ridgewood Agent Service Center in Springfield, Ohio.

What Would Your Dream Office Look Like?

We’d love to help you build it. Check us out at www.ROOSTRealEstateCo.com to learn more.

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