I created this company for entrepreneurs that choose real estate as their way of making a difference in the world. It’s my job to make sure they are well paid for it.

The ROOST Profitability Partnership™

I want to talk to Chris.

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The Client Obsession

We obsess over every client touch point so you can ensure a consistently delightful brand experience.

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The Agent Attraction Strategy

We attract, screen, and educate great candidates about our company so you don’t waste your time with licensees that don’t share our core values.

My goal became to create a real estate company that I wanted to work for. A company that reflected my values and aspirations. I consider ROOST Real Estate Co. to be my life’s work and I look forward to the future.

Chris McAllister
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The Market Maker Advantage™

The Self-Managing Real Estate Brokerage™ works FOR you so you can focus on your personal goals, growth and development.

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The Rhythm of Our Business

We help our broker partners take care of themselves so they remain optimistic, confident, and engaged, and avoid frustration, anxiety, and worry.

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Your Pay Your Way

Your Pay Your Way™ is transparent, easy to understand, and FAIR so that our broker partners can earn the return on their investment they deserve.

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The Cash Flow Forecaster

We help you see into the future so you can make the investments you need to make today to grow your business tomorrow.

Want to know your score?

Take ten minutes to score yourself on the eight mindsets shared by the very best real estate brokers in the industry.

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Property Management the REBL Way

We help you set up and operate a property management department so you can differentiate yourself in the market, supplement your monthly cash flow, and add value to your client relationships.

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The Self-Managing Real Estate Brokerage

The Self-Managing Real Estate Brokerage™ works FOR you so you can focus on your personal goals, growth and development.

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