A Real Estate Broker’s Guide to Entrepreneurial Success – Take a Look at Your Future was written to help real estate brokers and managers realize the full potential of their businesses. 

This book also details what sets the author’s real estate brokerage business apart from the large national franchises, as well as the local mom and pop establishments down the street. 

Real estate brokerages are being hit from all sides.  The internet, while vastly improving our productivity, has also empowered buyers, sellers, and individual agents with enough knowledge to become a danger to themselves and others. 

The ultimate effect of Zillow, HGTV, and the rest has been to commoditize our business in the eyes of our customers. 

This book is for the entrepreneurs that chose real estate as their means of making a difference in the world. 

This book is for the broker owner who wants to differentiate themselves in a world that sees us more and more as all the same. 

This book is for the broker owner who refuses to become a commodity and seeks to differentiate themselves through dedicated service and results. 

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A Real Estate Broker’s Guide to Entrepreneurial Success

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