I wrote this book for real estate broker / entrepreneurs who endeavor day after day, to balance the needs of their agents, with their personal financial goals and requirements.

Real estate agents will want to read this book as well.

There is no point to affiliating with a broker owner who may not be around in the next few months because of a faulty business model or an inability to manage their day to day affairs.

Financial instability resulting from insufficient positive cash flow, and lack of capital to invest in the future, is bad for business for everyone.

Profitability is what gives real estate brokers the capacity to support the individual businesses of each of their agents.

A Real Estate Broker’s Guide To Eternal Profitability gives you the framework to review your real estate brokerage, identify opportunities to ensure positive cashflow, and overall profitability, now and into the future.

The Eternal Broker Profitability Mindset Scorecard portion of the book measures the 8 broker profitability mindsets that are either growing or slowing the business right now.

Each of the Eternal Broker Profitability Mindsets can be triggered in the moment. Each mindset is designed to illustrate the opportunity that exists in the business today; and identify areas with room for improvement.

This book itself is composed of just eight short chapters. Each chapter discusses the statements that make up each mindset. As you work through each mindset, your brain will naturally come up with things you can do to improve the profitability of your real estate brokerage today.

I hope this book gets you thinking about what is possible for your real estate brokerage. If you are struggling, know there is a better way. If you are doing well, take some time to ensure your current good fortune is eternal.

A Real Estate Broker’s Guide to Eternal Profitability

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