At ROOST Real Estate Co., we try very hard to communicate our core values as clearly, concisely, and as often as possible.  Here is how we approach the business of helping people make the big moves in their lives:

  • We work by referral
  • We know that relationships are infinitely more valuable than transactions
  • We understand that to succeed magnificently we must always provide more value and expertise to our clients and customers than they can find anywhere else
  • We provide continuous support for every person in the organization with a desire to expand their individual skills and capabilities
  • There is great strength in the intentional identification, and exercise, of the unique talents and abilities of everyone we work with.  When everyone is free to do what they do best, we all do better
  • There is joy in the consistent application of documented best practices and processes when serving the needs of our clients, team members, agents, and partners

Behaviors and Attitudes We Look For In Realtors™ and Staff Members

  • Have an Ownership Attitude / When there is a problem, step up and take responsibility.  Never report a problem without bringing a solution along for the ride
  • Create Value / Continuously look for new ways to be of greater use to our clients and fellow team members.  Look for new ways to contribute and help our clients realize their goals
  • Take Initiative / Don’t wait to ask permission to do the right thing when it comes to exceeding the expectations of a client.  We expect you to do what is right
  • Focus on Results / The road to ruin is paved with good intentions.  At ROOST® we trade on performance, not promise
  • Have Patience and Compassion / We serve a diverse client base with varied educational and socio-economic backgrounds.  Not all of our clients will handle problems and conflict the way you or I might. Regardless, we will treat everyone we serve with the utmost dignity and respect
  • Take a Partner / Some of our challenges are bigger than we are, or at least seem that way.  Take a partner with another team member or team leader. Don’t hide bad news thinking it will go away.  If something feels wrong, it probably is
  • Never Give Up / Mistakes and breakdowns in performance are learning opportunities in disguise. You will make mistakes – our hope is that you will do all you can to never make the same mistake twice

Does This Sound Like a Real Estate Company You Could See Yourself Belonging To? If our aspirations match up with your, you owe it to yourself to check us out.  Give us a shout. We’d love to hear from you.

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