The Two Biggest Concerns Most Of Us Have

The two biggest concerns we hear from agents who want to join our brokerage are losing income during the transition and the emotional turmoil involved with telling their current broker or manager that they are leaving.  There is nothing harder than telling someone you are moving on regardless of how good a business decision you know it is. Even if you are angry at or disappointed in the company you are leaving, the act of resigning causes anxiety for many of us.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

There is no easy way to do this.  I’ve been on both sides of the conversation. We suggest writing a formal resignation letter and asking for a one on one meeting.  There is no reason to get too deeply into the details at this point as chances are your manager already senses something is amiss.  Be the professional you are but you owe it to yourself and your future to make a clean break and allow yourself to get excited about this new chapter in your life.

Moving Your Business Can Create An Income Gap – Don’t Let That Happen!

By some estimates, agents can lose 20% of their income for the first couple of months at the new firm.  At ROOST Real Estate Co. we attack this concern headlong with The Quick Start Plan™.  Our brokers and Agent Business Managers begin to work with our new agents prior to actually making the move to ensure they hit the ground running.  In our experience agents can expect an increase in business activity within days of joining.  

A Little Time To Gear Up Is Helpful

In a perfect world, an experienced agent joining our company will have two weeks lead time before moving their license.  This allows us to put everything in place that an agent needs to make a huge impact on the market on day one. Of course, sometimes things happen much faster and unexpectedly and we adjust.  As the saying goes, however, those who fail to plan – plan to fail – and nobody wants to lose 20% of anything.

Our Agent On-Boarding Checklist

 Checklist for Two Weeks Prior to Launch Week  

  • Order yard signs and name slats.
  • Get picture taken at new desk for personalized website. 
  • Complete the 10 questions for your personalized website. 
  • Order personalized All About ROOST cards for welcome mailer
  • Create forwarding email.
  • Create .CSV or Excel file of database for welcome mailing.
  • Obtain new office phone number and order new 8X8 phone.
  • Create new Dotloop account.

Checklist for the Week before Launch Week 

  • Finalize mailer for next Monday for release during launch week.
  • Complete the personalized website build.
  • Get new listing paperwork together in new Dotloop account.
  • Set up Referral Maker and import .CSV file for first Item of Value mailing. 
  • Facebook post setup and ‘boost’ plan.
  • New phone and desk set up.
  • Business cards on hand.

Checklist Launch Week 

  • Notify current broker of your move.
  • Overnight paperwork or visit the Division of Real Estate in person.
  • Release the personalized mailer to agent’s database.
  • Launch the website with agent’s personal web address.
  • Post ‘Welcome Agent’ and personalized website on Facebook and Twitter 
  • Get new listing agreements signed with sellers.
  • Place new signs in yards.
  • Deliver new Board of Realtor and MLS paperwork
  • Transfer Listings in MLS(s).
  • Obtain and showing service logins.

Your Agent Service Manager

Your Agent Service Manager and broker/manager will be instrumental in helping you make sure all of this – and more – happen during week one.  As you can see our goal is to ensure your transition is seamless and actually gives you an immediate income bump.

Care To Learn More About Our Company?

  • Try the new Broker Profitability Partnership Mindset Scorecard. Score yourself on the eight mindsets that are either growing or slowing your business right now.   

This franchising information is not intended as an offer to sell a franchise or the solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise.  Certain states regulate the offer and sale of franchises. If you are a resident of one of these states we will not offer or sell you a franchise unless and until we have complied with the applicable presale filing, registration, and disclosure requirements for your state.

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