You’ve invested time, talent, money, and everything else you have into your brokerage.  Don’t you deserve a better return on your investment?

Does your franchisor share your values? Why does meeting their recruiting quota cost you more every year? You are the single greatest asset your brokerage has.  Who’s got your back?

Be honest, this isn’t the first time you’ve checked out other opportunities for your brokerage.  You are not alone.  The hard truth is that every real estate franchise operation I know of has two goals:

  1. Sell more franchises.
  2. Recruit more agents. 

Yes, they pay lip service to agent retention the health of their franchisees.  They also spend a ton of time and money every year trying to sell you on the next great shiny technology bauble to distract you from the fact that you and your agents are falling behind.

Ready to play a new game? Let us help you transform your market one client at a time.  I want to introduce you to The ROOST Broker Profitability Partnership™.  Everything we do at Real Estate Brands Ltd., the franchise entity for ROOST Real Estate Co. and Lucky Town Real Estate Co., is in support of the five Core Aspirations I have for our company: 

My name is Chris McAllister and I have been a real estate agent since February 2001.  I opened my first RE/MAX franchise in early 2003.  I closed my RE/MAX offices and filed bankruptcy after the crash in 2009.  I spent a few years running my office in association with a local firm and began researching franchises again in late 2012.  I soon figured out that another franchise relationship was not going to work for me.  And believe me, I interviewed all the major players in the business.

Not a single franchisor I interviewed shared my bedrock personal and business values.  My ‘non-negotiables’ include:

  • Working by referral.
  • Support for continuously expanding my skills and capabilities.
  • The belief that relationships are infinitely more valuable than transactions.
  • The joy of consistent processes that spark innovation and support the goals of my agents and our clients.
  • The intentional application of my unique talents and abilities, and those of everyone I work with.

These ‘non-negotiables’, or ‘mindsets’ if you will, have been the foundation of all of my successes.  The times in my life when things have gone off the rails are the times when I lost focus on who I am and what I believe at my core. 

I did not grow up dreaming of becoming a real estate broker. Becoming an entrepreneur at all was never on my radar until I turned 40 years old.  However, the real estate business has provided me a tremendous opportunity to do what I do best and make a positive difference in the lives of my clients and my team.

My goal became to create a real estate company that I wanted to work for.  I wanted to create a company that reflected my values and aspirations.  I have been on this journey going on five years now, long enough to know I am on the right track.  I consider Real Estate Brands Ltd, to be my life’s work. 

My Franchise Experience

I am not sure what I expected during the new franchisee training at RE/MAX headquarters in Denver during the winter of 2003.  I was caught up in the excitement of bringing RE/MAX to Springfield, Ohio, leapfrogging the competition, and basking in the glow and admiration of those who came before me.  What a piece of work I was. 

I felt right at home in Denver.  My last job in my previous career was a District Team Leader for Target Stores on Long Island.  That job required periodic trips to the Target home office in Minneapolis.  RE/MAX headquarters had a similar vibe.  I got my picture taken with Gayle Liniger, the co-founder of RE/MAX, and was wined and dined like royalty. 

A couple of days into the indoctrination, the expectations RE/MAX had for me started to become clear.  It did not take long to understand the ramifications of the recruiting quota I signed up for in my franchise agreement. My expectations for my role as a RE/MAX franchisee went out the window when I realized the full extent of the financial and legal obligations I committed to. 

My number one priority was to recruit new agents – lots of new agents.  They did not have to be great agents, they just had to do enough to cover the monthly nut to RE/MAX.   And, if I did not recruit to my agreed upon quota, RE/MAX had the right to bill me to quota every month.

Looking back, I knew I was in trouble early on.  First, I was contractually obligated to RE/MAX, and stuck.  Second, I did not have the practical experience to conceive a different business model at the time.  So, I put on my big boy pants and summoned all the faith and courage I could muster, and followed the RE/MAX formula to the letter in hope of finding my way. 

Although I could not articulate it at the time, I thought RE/MAX would allow me to bypass the hard work of building a sustainable business, one client at a time.  At this point, I knew what it took to be successful as an agent.  After all, I had done very well as a new Realtor® preceding this stage of my career.  And yet, I elected to take what looked like the easier path at the time.

It did not take long before my early misgivings came true.  The mass marketing and advertising, top of mind branding, and truly staggering name recognition RE/MAX provided would only get me so far.  Though I was recognized repeatedly during my time at RE/MAX for my management and recruiting ‘successes’, the awards were of little consolation to me.  I was angry that my plan to buy myself a shortcut to success turned out to be a big mistake.  I felt foolish because I was playing someone else’s game with someone else’s rules.

My Path to ROOST Real Estate Co.

My path to the light was a long and winding road.  It led through my association with RE/MAX, the Great Recession and housing crash of 2008, personal bankruptcy, and a four and one half year detour back with the local firm I was first licensed within 2001.  I finally reached my ultimate destination, ROOST Real Estate Co., on January 7, 2014, the day we were first licensed in Ohio.

When I launched ROOST Real Estate Co. the real estate market was still weak to say the least.  However, we had some advantages other offices did not.  The first was our commitment to working by referral and building our firm one client at a time.  As traditional, transaction-based brokerages struggled to come back, relationship-based brokerages like ours began to flourish.

The best thing that happened to me during my association with RE/MAX was being introduced to Buffini and Company.  Brian Buffini’s working by-referral business model and real estate coaching rang true for me like nothing else I had experienced in the industry to that point.  My experience with Buffini and Company crystalized my vision of an office, and later an entire company, built on a by-referral business model.

The second advantage we saw and developed was our property management department.  We managed a handful of properties for ourselves and others coming out of the recession.  It became clear to me that this opportunity could only grow.  Many people were suddenly out of the housing market thanks to the crash, but still in need of a roof over their heads.  On top of that, Investment opportunities thanks to the massive wave of foreclosures were everywhere.  I knew If we could put these two opportunities together, we would differentiate ourselves in the market.

Over time, we built a scalable and sustainable business equal to roughly 25% of our top line revenue.  Today, we look after over 1000 units for over 300 landlord clients.  We have the infrastructure in place to expand this service across the country.  This income not only covers a lot of overhead, but also creates significant commission revenue thanks to our landlord clients who continue to expand their portfolios because they know they can count on us to take care of their new purchases.

Think about this for a minute, the percentage of people in our country who own their own homes in any given market has never exceeded 65%.  Why would we want to limit ourselves to serving 65% of the market when 100% of the population need housing?  We have the opportunity to professionalize what has traditionally been a ‘Mom and Pop’ service, or an add-on at best, and use it to expand our core business and mission.

If you have yet to experience the success your franchise partner promised, it is not your fault.  If you are feeling disillusioned, you are not alone.  The real estate industry has changed dramatically in the last few years and continues to change at an accelerated rate.  What worked spectacularly well in the 90’s and early 00’s doesn’t work for broker owners today.

The Before Unit in the Real Estate Business

Almost every large traditional real estate franchise does an excellent job, and in many cases, an outstanding job, getting buyers and sellers to notice you.  They help you get a foot in the door where you may not be able to otherwise.  There was a time when that was basically all we needed from a national real estate brand. 

Getting a potential client to raise their hand is the first step in a three-step process, what marketing experts refer to as the ‘before’ unit.  The before unit is the part of your business that is in charge of finding, identifying, educating, and motivating people to come to your business for the first time.

Traditionally this was done through mass media.  RE/MAX for instance would run thousands of TV ads to get people to go to their website to search for homes and push the resulting leads to their agents.  It was a brilliant system that worked beautifully until competition, new technology, and broader market forces blunted its efficacy.

Before unit success today depends on educating, and building relationships with potential clients on their terms and timelines.  That is why our internet-based direct response marketing efforts are designed to attract and maintain interest for the long term.  Our goal is for each individual agent to be the only resource their clients will need throughout their lives. 

The During Unit in the Real Estate Business

The second part of a successful business is the ‘during’ unit.  When working with a buyer the during unit begins with the first house you show and ends at the closing table.   The during unit is where a commitment to a superior client experience must be paramount.  A peak performance, or lack thereof, in the during unit will make the difference between an exceptional and a mediocre experience.

Real estate franchises typically do not put much emphasis on the during unit.  This may be because Realtors® are independent contractors and therefore enjoy the freedom to conduct their personal business as they see fit.  In my opinion this is not empowerment, it is abandonment and an abdication of our responsibilities as broker owners.

Broker owners typically got to where they are by figuring out how to set themselves apart from the competition in the during unit.  They developed the skills and expertise they needed to work with buyers and sellers and get them to closing table in a professional and enjoyable way.  They learned to make the process of buying and selling real estate look easy.

McDonald’s is known not only for superior marketing in the before unit of their business, but superior execution in the during unit.  At McDonald’s, the during unit is going into a restaurant, buying a hamburger, and enjoying it.  Hamburger University is about the during unit.  It is about training franchisees and managers, and in turn every associate on the methods, processes, and best practices necessary to ensure buying and consuming a Big Mac is consistently enjoyable and superior to the competition.

At ROOST Real Estate Co. and Lucky Town Real Estate Co., we respect the independent contractor status of our associates.  However, that does not mean we have to recruit agents who do not share our values and commitment to our clients in an effort to meet a quota.  We provide the training and resources necessary, to as best we can, ensure uniform and superior client experiences across the company.

The After Unit in the Real Estate Business

The after unit is about nurturing lifetime relationships that result in referrals and repeat business over time.  Every truly successful agent I have ever worked with excels at the after unit.  They understand that relationships are infinitely more valuable than individual transactions.  They have tools, systems, and processes in place to stay in touch consistently month after month.

We take the after unit as seriously as the before and during units.  And while most of our agents would excel at keeping in touch on their own, we refuse to leave this to chance.  Attracting new clients is far more expensive than keeping and nurturing the ones we have.  This is why we execute the after unit for every agent, every month.  It is a pillar of our commitment to broker profitability.

The Pressure We Feel

Real estate brokerages are being hit from all sides.  The internet, while vastly improving our productivity, has also empowered buyers, sellers, and individual agents with enough knowledge to become a danger to themselves and others.  The ultimate effect of Zillow, HGTV, and the rest has been to commoditize our business in the eyes of our customers.

The advent of the agent ‘team concept’ has created mini-brokerages within brokerages with none of the risk and liability the broker owner incurs. Franchises, which in most cases began as platforms to support broker owners and their businesses, have become little more than a means of supporting the quarterly goals of very large public companies. 

Many of our fellow broker owners have devalued their businesses, and by extension, our businesses, by resorting to limited service and discount listing options that have severely impacted profitability for all.  Worse, many brokerages have so devalued their service to individual licensees that they operate with fee structures that favor the agent over the health of the brokerage.  In both situations, we have been in a race to the bottom with our competitors for many years.

Our Performance to Date

Our company, and more importantly our agents, have enjoyed double-digit growth year over year, each of the last four years.  We are making steady progress towards my goal of leading the industry in average agent productivity.

In addition, we have expanded to nearby Dayton Ohio, and the Space Coast of Florida.  We are currently focused on expanding in Columbus, Ohio and gaining a foothold in Nashville, TN.

We are also beginning to market ROOST Real Estate Co. franchises in Ohio, Florida and Tennessee, as well as franchises for our ‘twin’ company Lucky Town Real Estate Co. in the remaining 47 states. 

Some might argue that it is presumptuous of me to think that I have anything to offer of value to my peers, much less anything that they would pay real money for.  After all, at this stage we are essentially a start-up operation.   Nevertheless, I know there are people out there that share my sensibilities.  Most importantly, I know there are hundreds if not thousands of broker owners in our industry looking for a better way.  My life’s work is to offer a path and plan of action for anyone who cares to join me.  

Our Way in The Industry

  • Real Estate Brands Ltd. was created for the entrepreneurs that chose real estate as their means of making a difference in the world. 
  • Real Estate Brands Ltd. is for the real estate broker owner that is not afraid to earn a return on his or her investment, and for whom profit is not a dirty word. 
  • Real Estate Brands Ltd. is for the broker owner who wants to differentiate themselves in a world that sees us more and more as all the same. 
  • Real Estate Brands Ltd. is for the broker owner who refuses to become a commodity and seeks to differentiate themselves through dedicated service and results. 
  • Real Estate Brands Ltd. is about leading, not about following.

Our Mission

We at Real Estate Brands want to be heroes to real estate brokers everywhere who work hard every day for their agents and clients.

Our Vision

Our goal is to redefine the real estate brokerage business model by ensuring superior support and services for our clients whether they are renting their first apartment, buying their first home, their second home, investment property, or an empty-nest condominium.  We want to be our clients’ real estate brokerage for life.

provide our Broker Owner Partners with the tools and marketing muscle to create streams of income from all facets of the real estate industry. These streams of income include listing and selling residential property, selling, leasing, and managing commercial property, and working closely with the owners of investment property to ensure their properties are working for them and not the other way around. 

As we continuously expand our client base, whether they be renting or buying, we expand the opportunities for our licensed real estate professionals to grow their businesses in a thoughtful and intentional manner.  At ROOST Real Estate Co. and Lucky Town Real Estate Co. our licensed professionals are the best in the business and are all dedicated to continuously adding value, expanding their capabilities, and deepening long term relationships with their clients.

Real Estate Brands Ltd. is about the way our clients live today and the way they want to live tomorrow.

Early on in my real estate career I knew I wanted to create a real estate company that I could be excited about working for.  I wanted to create a company that reflected my values and aspirations. I have been on this journey going on five years now, long enough to know I am on the right track. I put everything I have into this company, and it was totally worth it.  I consider Real Estate Brands Ltd, to be my life’s work and I look forward to the future.

The ROOST Broker Profitability Partnership™

The Client Obsession

We are committed to maximizing every opportunity we can to form a personal and lasting connection with our clients.  Every client touch point from the moment a potential client contemplates a purchase or sale, until well after a transaction is closed, is an opportunity to advance our brand and reputation.

We obsess over the client touch point so you can ensure a consistently delightful brand experience.

The Agent Attraction Strategy

Our licensed professionals are the front line of our organization.  Our agent attraction strategy and selection process is designed to screen in professionals that are personally aligned with our brand values.  We expect to be the brokerage of choice for every agent we serve, at every stage of their career.  We pledge to work with our broker owner partners to provide the leadership necessary to ensure our agents reach their personal goals and potential.

We attract, screen, and educate great candidates about our company so you don’t waste your time with licensees that don’t share our core values.

The Market Maker Advantage™

 Our goal is to teach, train, and support our agents to become Market Makers and create self-sustaining and growing personal businesses.  We provide our agents with the tools, the tech, the culture, the coaching, and the personalized marketing and advertising they need to be recognized as the industry leaders they are.  We are partners in our agents’ success and support their lifelong growth and development.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for the day.  Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. We teach our agents to become market makers so they can create a steady stream of business.

The Rhythm of Our Business

There is an annual rhythm to our business.  There is a seasonality to the market.  We need to be aware of it and we need to make it work for us.  Time away from the business is not something you have to earn to take.  Time away before you start to burn out is critical to your long-term success. You are the goose that lays the golden eggs. Your comfort, confidence, and security is not optional.  It is a requirement.  

We help our broker partners take care of themselves so they remain optimistic, confident, and engaged, and avoid frustration, anxiety, and worry.

Your Pay Your Way™

Our commitment is to make it possible for our agents, and agent teams, to make and keep every dollar they possibly can while supporting every aspect of their business.  In return for the commission split we retain, we provide unsurpassed service, support, marketing, training, and technology.  We have a pay plan for every agent at every stage of their career. 

Your Pay Your Way™ is transparent, easy to understand, and FAIR so that our broker partners can earn the return on their investment they deserve. 

The Cash Flow Forecaster™

I have used some version of The Cash Flow Forecaster™ during my entire life as an entrepreneur.  I use it to project and manage expected income and expenses into the future. I feel so strongly about this that I am willing to consult with you one on one to build your own Cash Flow Forecaster.  While the excel spreadsheet version I use works just fine, we are developing a web based tool that will one day be available on

We help you see into the future so you can make the investments you need to make today to grow your business tomorrow

Property Management the REBL Way™

Property Management the REBL Way is a training program and set of procedures designed to help a franchise start, market, and grow a property management department.  The program includes a manual and a separate three-day training program for property managers and brokers at our home offices.  We can also schedule site visits at franchisees’ offices as requested.

We help you set up and operate a property management department so you can differentiate yourself in the market, supplement your monthly cash flow, and add value to your client relationships.

The Self-Managing Real Estate Brokerage™

The Self-Managing Brokerage™ is our training program for our broker owner partners and franchisees.  It is a self-contained business plan designed to launch a new brokerage, or to transition an existing brokerage to the Real Estate Brands Ltd model.  Creating a Self-Managing Brokerage is not a one-time training event, it is the foundation of our value-added relationship with our partners and franchisees.

The Self-Managing Real Estate Brokerage works FOR you so you canfocus on your personal goals, growth and development.

Why a Self-Managing Brokerage?

Dan Sullivan, creator of the Strategic Coach ( business coaching program for successful entrepreneurs, trademarked the term ‘self-managing company’ several years ago.  This idea, supported by some of the very best coaching tools, ideas and concepts ever created, was a stroke of marketing genius.  After all, what business owner doesn’t want a self-managing company? 

My question is, what real estate broker owner wouldn’t want a self-managing real estate brokerage?  I know do. I’ve been working for years to create a self-managing brokerage that supports my personal and business goals, and I want the same for you. 

Almost by design, a self-managing brokerage is always a work in progress.  A 21st century brokerage must adapt to changing economics, client needs, and market conditions, almost in real time.  To do that one needs a set of timeless principles, entrepreneurial mindsets, and a rock-solid foundation to build on. 

We can never lose sight of the universal truths of profitability, our core values, or our aspirations, if we are to lead this industry in good times and fair.  Let me be clear, I have every confidence that the ROOST Real Estate and Lucky Town Real Estate Co. teams will lead our industry.

Here are the highlights of training week for new franchisees and partners:

The Self-Managing Real Estate Brokerage™ Training Highlights by Day

Monday / Travel Day and Introductions  / Hours                                                 

  • Welcome and Introductions (.5 hours)
  • Our Own ‘Hamburger University’ (.5 hours)                                                      
  • Agenda / Presentation Schedule (.5 hours)                                                              
  • About Real Estate Brands Ltd. (.5 hours)                                                          
  • Realizing Our Five Aspirations (.5 hours)                                                           
  • Kolbe ‘A’ Exercise (.5 hours)                                                                                

Total Hours: 4

Monday Evening Reception / Welcome Dinner

Tuesday / It Starts with A Client                                                                

  • The Client Experience (1 hour)                                                                         
  • Buy With ROOST™ (1 hour)                                                                             
  • List With ROOST™ (1 hour)                                                                              
  • The ROOST Way™ (1 hour)                                                                            
  • Manage With ROOST™ (1 hour)                                                                  
  • A Tour of Our Online Properties (1 hour)                                                        
  • Preview of ROOST/Lucky Town 2.0 (1 hour)                                                  
  • Approved Suppliers That Support Marketing and Advertising (.5 hours)
  • How did we do in support of our Top 5 Aspirations? (.5 hours)                      

Total Hours: 8

Tuesday Evening Group Activity

Wednesday / Where the Very Best Agents Do What They Do Best      

  • The Agent Experience (.5 hours)                                                                         
  • The Agent Attraction Strategy (.5 hours)                                                      
  • The Attraction Funnel (.5 hours)                                                                      
  • A Culture of Gratitude and Support (.5 hours)                                               
  • Agent Training and Development (1 hour)                                                      
  • The Agent Service Manager (1 hour)                                                               
  • The Quick Start Game Plan™ (1 hour)                                                            
  • Transitioning to a New Culture (1 hour)                                                           
  • New Office Onboarding (1 hour)                                                                       
  • Approved Suppliers That Support Productivity (.5 hours)               
  • How did we do in support of our Top 5 Aspirations today? (.5 hours)      

Total Hours: 8                                                                                                

No Formal Activities Planned Wednesday Evening

Thursday / It’s All About the Entrepreneur           

  • Broker Profitability Matters (.5 hours)                                                              
  • Managing Revenue and Expenses (.5 hours)                        
  • The 25% Solution (.5 hours)                                                                           
  • Income Statement Analysis (.5 hours)                             
  • Balance Sheet Analysis (.5 hours)                                                                    
  • The Cash Flow Forecaster™ (.5 hours)                          
  • Property Management the REBL Way™ (.5 hours)                                    
  • Marketing with Mindset Scorecards (.5 hours)   
  • The Marketing and Advertising Matrix (.5 hours)              
  • Setting Up Your Office (.5 hours)                                                                 
  • Using the Kolbe A Reports (.5 hours)  
  • Job Descriptions (.5 hours)                                                                             
  • 4X4 Reviews (.5 hours)                                                                                             
  • Pre-Hire Assessments (.5 hours)         
  • Approved Suppliers That Support Broker Profitability (.5 hours)    
  • How did we do in support of our Top 5 Aspirations today? (.5 hours)

Total Hours: 8                                                                                                 

Thursday Evening Party TBD

Friday / Franchise Support and Travel Day                                                         

  • Brand Position and Concepts (.5 hours)              
  • Affiliate Naming and Logo Standards  (.5 hours)           
  • Signing  (.5 hours)                                                                                                       
  • Trademark Compliance (.5 hours)                                                                
  • The REBL Ad Fund (.5 hours)                                                                                
  • Who to Call (.5 hours)                                                                                      
  • What’s in Development? (.5 hours)                                                               

Total Hours: 4                                                                                                       

Safe Travels!

“I’ve worked with Chris for almost 15 years now.  We were actually partners back in our RE/MAX days.  I’ve seen Chris in good times and bad.  At the end of the day he always comes through with the best interest of his agents and brokers as his top priority.  I am so impressed with what he has done with ROOST and the ROOST Broker Profitability Partnership.  I am happy to be a part of it.” 

Diedre Koik, Broker Associate, Realtor since 1995.

Broker Profitability Matters

I believe that where our passion for our business intersects with our desire to be heroes to our clients lies our opportunity as entrepreneurs to be rewarded handsomely for our efforts.  This is not a magic formula, however.  If it were, many of us would be very well off indeed.  Profitability requires focus, structure, a set of proven processes, and intentional execution.

Our business plan is deceptively simple.  It is designed to offer our agents and clients superior experiences not regularly obtainable in the market, at a competitive if not premium price.  In short, we offer superior value.  My goal is to offer our broker owner partners and franchisees superior value as well.

A ROOST Real Estate Co. or Lucky Town Real Estate Co. franchise is not the least expensive in the market nor the most expensive.  Our fees are however transparent and straight forward.  There are no surprises and no hidden charges.  We work with our partners the same way we want you to work with your agents and clients.  If you know what to expect, you can plan and budget for it.        

Profitability is influenced by both revenue and expenses.  Profitability is also influenced by how we manage our income and expenses.  The difference in any given month between our revenue earned and expenses paid is cash flow.  Managing cash flow is critical to the success of a real estate brokerage and its ultimate profitability.  Make no mistake, the cliché is true, cash flow is king.

I am passionate about teaching our broker owners to better manage their cash flow.  Some of us are very good at this skill and need no assistance.  For many of us however, budgeting, forecasting, and managing cash flow are not core competencies.  A significant portion of our broker owner training program, called The Self-Managing Brokerage, is devoted to just this topic.  We also provide ongoing support and access to additional resources as needed.

The Value We Bring as Your Partner

The value of a ROOST Real Estate Co. or Lucky Town Real Estate Co. franchise is in the processes we have created, documented, and made available to our broker owner partners.  Process is the not-so-sexy twin of what most people perceive as a brand.  The real value of a McDonald’s franchise is in the systems, methods, and processes designed to ensure the profitability of the business. 

Let’s face it, anyone can make a hamburger, but very few people can make billions of hamburgers at scale, and at a profit.  Not to put too fine a point on it, just about anyone can get a real estate license and sell a house or two too.  Creating a scalable and sustainable business selling houses is not so easy.  It’s the same with being a real estate broker and opening an office.

An individual involved in selling a product or service is involved in a transaction.  An individual or company involved in selling a process, is involved in transformation.  We aspire to be in the transformation business.  It is counterintuitive to many, but the security of working within a proven process leads to greater creativity, connections and transformation.  A unique process will give you the tools you need to lead your team, your market, and our industry.

The price of The ROOST Broker Profitability Partnership™, including The Self-Managing Real Estate Brokerage™ is outlined in our franchise disclosure document.  There is a negotiated up-front investment, and a percentage of sales required each month in the form of the Monthly Marketing and Franchise Fee.  The details of this fee can be found in Your Pay Your Way™, our broker guidelines for agent compensation.   (Link to blog post?)

My Pledge to You

My unique ability is creating and coaching business opportunities and strategies that support and add value to real estate professionals and the clients they serve.  This is what gives me huge satisfaction in life because it is what I do best.  I pledge to you an unwavering commitment to you, your business, and your long-term success. 

We are a start-up.  No question.  That entails risk and a leap of faith on your part.  It is also a once in a lifetime opportunity to get in on the ground floor of something I believe will grow and prosper in the months and years ahead.  If what I am describing in this letter resonates with you, then we need to talk.

We are playing a different game than our commoditized competition.  We are making our own rules and establishing our own unique criteria for success.  We create the outcomes that matter to us. Our competitors will eventually have to grade themselves against the standards we set.   

So, care to join us?

Our company as I write this is barely five years from inception and well into our fourth year old as a going concern.  In that time, we have laid the groundwork for a scalable and sustainable enterprise that addresses the needs of the client, the agent, and most importantly, the broker owner.

We invite you to engage with us in a transformational journey. We need you to help us bring our brand to the world.  We want to help more and more people live the way they want to live today, and help them get to where they want to be tomorrow.  We want to partner with you to build the real estate brokerage you always wanted for yourself, your agents, and your clients. 

I hope my vision for ROOST and Lucky Town reminds you something you have felt deep down inside your entire career.  That there is a better way and that we and our industry are at our best when we partner with others who share our values and commitments.  I want you to remember what it feels like when one and one make three.

1 + 1 = 3 is the essential equation for all success in the world. It is the magic spark.  It is the motivation for making a difference in lives of our clients and the agents who serve them.  It is the reason success is never fully understood.  It is the equation you are shooting for when you desire to make your own dent in the universe.

Why wait another day to take control of your future?   For information about a ROOST Real Estate Co. or Lucky Town Real Estate Co. franchise, please email me at to request a Franchise Disclosure Document. 

We will continue to grow, evolve, and hit our goals.

I’d love for you to join us sooner rather than later.  But regardless of when, or if, you decide a partnership with ROOST is right for you, we will continue to focus on our clients, increase our market share, make our numbers, and watch our agents and broker partners steadily increase their income with greater and greater personal freedom.  If ROOST sounds like the partnership you have been waiting for, you owe it to yourself to give us a shout.

Would you like to know your Broker Profitability Partnership Mindset Score?

Before we go any further, take 20 minutes to complete this scorecard.  I guarantee it will give you a better understanding of what we are all about and if we are a good fit for you.  Take your time and fill in the comment sections too.

Click Here

Once you complete the scorecard we will email you a link to a free copy of my e-book called Your Broker Profitability Partnership Mindset Scorecard – The Eight Mindsets Growing or Slowing Your Business Right Now.  Even if you decide that a partnership with ROOST Real Estate is not right for you, I guarantee you will find value in this easy to read pdf.

Once you discover your score, you will be on the road to future of growth and profitability you have always dreamed of.  Wherever your score lies, you have the power to design the life you want and deserve.  We can help you leverage your unique abilities, strengths, and experiences to make an ever-greater contribution to the world of real estate.

I wish you continued success and thank you for your time.

Chris McAllister

Founder / President

ROOST Real Estate Co.


This franchising information is not intended as an offer to sell a franchise or the solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise.  Certain states regulate the offer and sale of franchises.  If you are a resident of one of these states we will not offer or sell you a franchise unless and until we have complied with the applicable presale filing, registration, and disclosure requirements for your state.

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