This post is about our core company values and why they are critical to delivering the results our clients deserve.  While we may be far from perfect on any given day, these are the actions and behaviors every ROOST and Lucky Town team member aspires to consistently demonstrate.  A career with ROOST / Lucky Town is not for everybody, but for those who share our desire to transform the real estate industry, the potential for growth, achievement, and unlimited income potential is very real.

We All Are Free to Do What We Do Best

My unique ability is creating business opportunities and strategies designed to support and add value to the lives of real estate professionals and clients.  In other words, the highest and best use of my time is spent assessing situations, identifying problems, creating solutions, and working with clients and team members in implementing those solutions. I want my team members to be free to do what they do best as well.

Unique Ability Teams Are The Secret Sauce

At ROOST / Lucky Town, we continuously strive to maintain a work environment where everyone is able to maximize their unique abilities.  We want to ensure that each person is the right fit for each job. To that end, we are a Kolbe® client. (  We use Kolbe to help us define our job descriptions and choose the right person for each job as part of our interview and hiring practices.  

We Are Dedicated to Personal Growth

ROOST Real Estate Co. is the result of many years of experience, and thousands of completed transactions and rental agreements signed.  The one constant in our industry is change. The velocity of change continues to increase and we as real estate professionals have been out in front of that change.  We believe we are on the leading edge of what the 21st-century real estate brokerage must be to meet the challenges and needs of the industry and our clients. 

We want to see our team members realize their full potential both within the business and in their personal lives.  We believe in the power of personal coaching and self-development and make these resources accessible to our team members.  The nature of our business is that being licensed by the state is critical to being of greater value to our clients, making more money, and advancing within the organization.  We support our staff members becoming licensed ROOST Real Estate Co. or Lucky Town Real Estate Co. professionals if they so desire.

We Create Opportunity For All

There is no shortage of opportunities in our business.  The key is to find ways to be of greater and greater value to our clients.  We believe in abundance and the power of productive relationships. We reject the scarcity mindset of a transaction-based business where our services continue to devolve into lower-cost / lower-value commodities.  We are dedicated to expanding systems and networks of cooperation that multiply everyone’s resources and results.

We Work by Referral

Each ROOST Real Estate Co. office is a stand-alone, referral-based, Lead Generation Machine.  The fact that we work by referral is a key point of differentiation for us.  We cultivate referrals from our tenants, owners, past and current buyers and sellers, and our individual spheres of influence.  

We Support The Communities Where We Do Business 

ROOST Real Estate Company and Lucky Town Real Estate Co. strive to become an integral part of the fabric of the communities where we do business.  We continuously look for “cause marketing” opportunities where our desire to contribute dovetails with our desire to communicate our brand and message to our target audience.  

Care To Learn More About Our Company?

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