Real Estate Brands Ltd is the franchising entity for ROOST Real Estate Co. and Lucky Town Real Estate Co.

Our Mission

We at Real Estate Brands want to be heroes to real estate brokers everywhere who work hard every day for their agents and clients.

The Vision

Our goal is to redefine the real estate brokerage business model by ensuring superior support and services for our clients whether they are renting their first apartment, buying their first home, their second home, investment property, or an empty-nest condominium. We want to be our clients’ real estate brokerage for life.

We provide our Broker Owner Partners with the tools and marketing muscle to create new streams of income from all facets of the real estate industry. These streams of income include listing and selling residential property, selling, leasing, and managing a commercial property, and working closely with the owners of investment property to ensure their properties are working for them and not the other way around.  

Broker profitability and positive cash flow is job number one.

As we continuously expand our client base, whether they are renting or buying, we expand the opportunities for our licensed real estate professionals to grow their businesses in a thoughtful and intentional manner. At ROOST Real Estate Co. our licensed professionals are the best in the business and are all dedicated to continuously adding value, expanding their capabilities, and deepening long term relationships with their clients.

Real Estate Brands Ltd. is about the way our clients live today and the way they want to live tomorrow.

What We Stand For

Real Estate Brands Ltd. is the place for agents who commit every day to make the real estate dreams of their clients come true.

Real Estate Brands Ltd. is the place for brokers, owners and managers dedicated to supporting and adding value to the lives and businesses of our agents every day.

Real Estate Brands Ltd. is the place for the buyers, sellers, tenants, and investors that reward us with their business and allow us to help more and more people get to where they want to be.

Real Estate Brands Ltd. is made up of the very best real estate professionals in the business building relationships, adding value, delivering results and earning the referrals that allow us to do it over and over again.

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