In survey after survey, real estate professionals tell us that what they want most from their broker is training and technology.  The surveys do not necessarily specify exactly what kind of training and technology they want, they just want it. 

Everything Has To Add Value

If we as broker owners presume to be leaders in our own industry, we need to be very specific how the training and tools we provide our agents are intended to support their businesses.  Furthermore, we must be deliberate in the implementation and ongoing support for the training and technology we to provide so that it adds value over time.

There’s A Lot Of Crap Out There

There is a tremendous amount of just plain crap in the real estate world disguised as training and technology.  Most of the purveyors or real estate coaching and miracle tech tools do nothing to address the actual needs of today’s real estate professionals. 

Beware the Shiny Object

At best, these distractions interrupt an agent’s productivity and at worst leave them in a state of ‘analysis-paralysis’ where they forget how to interact with the world on a one on one basis.  The ultimate goal of these coaches and tech gurus is to produce the next shiny object that captures the attention of just enough licensees to make their charade profitable.

Technology Should Be Invisible

Our approach is different.  We will never offer technology for technology’s sake.  In fact, in our company technology is almost a non-event.  It is an invisible presence that makes all we do possible.  The successful implementation of our unique methods and processes depend on multiple technologies, but technology itself is not a goal, core value, or company objective in and of itself.  

If The Internet Or The Printer Is Down – Nothing Else Matters

Let’s face it, the most important tech we provide as broker owners are working wireless connections, copiers and scanners, and the ability to print from any internet connected device an agent chooses to employ.  In many offices, a coffee machine is an indispensable piece of tech as well. 

We Buy Off The Shelf

We do not attempt to create our own proprietary technology. Everything we use is off the shelf and available to any broker who wants to purchase it.  The difference is the tech we purchase and deploy is designed to address a business opportunity or to complete the steps of a specific process. 

For instance, it makes no sense for us to reinvent the wheel and create our own document management platform.  Dotloop already exists, and if deployed correctly and supported internally, provides our agents with capabilities that make them extremely productive.   

We Train Agents To Build A Referral-Based Business

Training is the second area where we have no desire to reinvent the wheel. There is only one real estate training and development organization dedicated to training agents to work by referral and that is Buffini and Company.  Even with all of the money, talent, and resources in the world we would never be able to create the company that Brian Buffini and his team have created.  What would be the point?

Referral Maker CRM, Peak Producers training, podcasts, webcasts, advertising content, and personal coaching are all products and services we and our agents purchase from Buffini and Company every year.  While these products and services are available to every agent and broker in the world, how we have integrated these products and their underlying philosophies into the fabric of our company is a big part of our ‘secret sauce’.

We Train Market Makers

Many brokerages focus their initial training on the tactical skills of filling out purchase contracts or learning how to use the MLS.  These are critical skills to be sure.  However, the skills are useless without a reason to use them.  Our philosophy is to focus on sales training dedicated to working by referral, and train on using the tools as the agent develops their business. 

Our training strategy is to give new agents the tools they need to generate an opportunity to write an offer or list a property.  We want them to learn the techniques and develop the confidence to become their own Market Makers.  We are not handing out leads to agents, we are training agents how to create their own leads.  To paraphrase the ‘if you give a man a fish’ proverb, giving an agent a lead may feed him for a week, teaching an agent how to generate his own leads will feed him his entire career.

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