Writing Helps Me Make Sense of My World

I have been actively putting my thoughts about the real estate business on paper since 2008. That year, Brad Zitzner and I co-wrote We Lost $1,000,000 in Real Estate in Less Than 5 Years – And You Can Too! This was about our experience navigating the real estate downturn that preceded the Great Recession of 2009. Writing this book helped me make sense of our experience and learn from our mistakes.

The ROOST™ ‘Trilogy’

Since 2014, I have been writing about ROOST Real Estate Co. and what makes us unique in the residential real estate market. My three ‘ROOST’ books include one for agents, A Real Estate Agent’s Guide to the Good Life, one for investors, A Real Estate Investor’s Guide to Profitability, and one for real estate professionals who want to own their own brokerages, A Real Estate Broker’s Guide to Entrepreneurial Success.

The ROOST™ Trilogy traces my progress creating what has become ROOST Real Estate Co. While they do offer some good advice for agents, investors, and potential franchisees, they are designed to give people searching for a new professional opportunity something new to consider. Writing these books helped me clarify and communicate my vision of a real estate company based on relationships – not just transactions.

My Latest Book

The books I am writing now are short books based on the various scorecards potential clients can fill out on www.ROOSTRealEstateCo.com.  The first one is called Make Your Real Estate Work for You – The Eight Mindsets You Need to Increase Your Cash Flow Right Now.  It is based on the Make Real Estate Work scorecard available at www.PropertyManagementScorecard.com.  If you like you can fill out the scorecard here for free.

I am very excited about this book because in less than 60 minutes, any investor will find at least one thing that will help them improve their profitability. It is available right now as a paperback, or as a Kindle download on Amazon.com. You can learn more about the Eight Mindsets by clicking here

If you would like to see all of my books in one place, check out my Amazon Author Page.

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