What We Practice

Here at ROOST Real Estate Co. we practice Buyer Agency, Seller Agency, and in Ohio what is called Disclosed Dual Agency.

First Contact

The very first time we meet a buyer or a seller, we are required by law to give you a copy of our company policy on agency.  

If You Are A Buyer

If you are a buyer and want to see one of our listings, we will give you our company policy in the form of a three-fold paper brochure, before you go through the front door of the house.  

We will also ask you to sign and date the receipt portion of the form. We retain the receipt to show that we are following the law, and, have performed our duties as licensed sales agents and/ or brokers.

If You Are a Seller

The first time we meet a seller, usually at a pre-listing appointment, we go through the brochure before we do anything else and collect the signed receipt.

Signing the Receipt Does NOT Mean You Are Working With ROOST

It is important to know that accepting the brochure and signing the receipt obligates you to absolutely nothing. Signing the receipt never obligates you to work with any of us either as a buyer or a seller agent.

Buyer Agency

Buyer agency is pretty simple. In this situation it is your agent’s job to help you find the house you want, at the price you want to pay, with terms that work for you. They have no responsibility to anyone else.

Seller Agency

Seller agency is also pretty straight forward. Our job there is to help you market and sell your home at the price you wish to receive, with terms that work for you.

Disclosed Dual Agency

Where consumers sometimes get confused is when they want to buy a house that happens to be listed by the same firm they are working with to buy a house. This is a called a Dual Agency Situation and the most important thing is that the dual agency is disclosed to you. Hence the term DISCLOSED Dual Agency.

In a Disclosed Dual Agency situation at ROOST Real Estate Co. every agent and broker in the company is working for both the buyer and the seller. This requires that we all we treat both parties fairly and honestly and that we do not put one party at an advantage over the other during negotiations. We will also disclose any knowledge we have of any hidden defects in the home to the buyer. We cannot, and will not, disclose any confidential information to either party without written consent.

Clear As Mud?

If you would like to request a copy of our Agency Brochure, reach out to one of our agents and request a copy! Any of us will be happy to answer all of your questions and get you any information you need.

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