Buy With ROOST™ is the result of working with hundreds of clients in all sorts of housing markets. It is everything we know about helping buyers realize their home ownership dreams.

Buy with ROOST™

Whether you are looking for your first home, or your next, we want you to have the knowledge and the confidence you need to be successful in today’s market.

Agency Law Matters

We explain the agency relationships in your state so you know exactly who is on your side – and who is not.

Most states have some form of buyer agency and seller agency. Many have transaction agency and a few have some form of dual agency.

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Any Home You Want

We are here to help you so you get the representation and service you deserve.

View Our Listings

Your ROOST Real Estate Professional can show you and sell you any home listed with any other firm or agent.  In some instances, we can help you with homes that are listed by owner without the benefit of a listing agent.

Using the Internet To Your Advantage

We show you how to use the internet to your advantage so you always have the most up-to-date and accurate information about the local market.


Everyone these days is looking at houses online long before they call us. The internet has put more information than ever at our finger tips. That can be both good and bad. We help you focus on the information you need to be a successful home buyer.

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Helping You Find Your Perfect Home

We get you information about new listings fast so you can be first In a ‘hot’ market.


During our first meeting we will set up a property search based on what you want in your next home. We will focus on where you want to live, the price range you are comfortable with, and the features you would like to have. Then, we ‘save’ the search so that when a home you might like hits the market, it shows up in your email inbox.

Working With Your ROOST Real Estate Professional™

We work hand in hand with you so we don’t waste your time dragging you through houses you’ve already seen online.

Find Your ROOST Agent

Most buyers look at a hundred or more listings on line before actually making an appointment to see one.  Just based on the pictures, maps, and details provided you are going to eliminate at least 70% of them from consideration. After some quick drive-by’s to check out the neighborhoods, you’ll likely end up with six to twelve homes you want to see.

Getting Pre-Approved for a Mortgage

We introduce you to the best lenders in the business so you can be the most powerful buyer you can be.

Knowing what type of loan you qualify for tells us which listings we should focus on. Getting pre-approved for a mortgage makes you a much stronger buyer when it comes time to make an offer. Your pre-approval letter is the closest thing to cash you can have.

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How Much Should I Offer?

We show you what homes in the neighborhood are selling for so you can make your best offer.

The best way to figure out if a home is priced right is to look at the sales of similar homes in the neighborhood going back at least six to 12 months. This is where your ROOST Real Estate Professional’s experience and expertise is absolutely critical.

Contingent Offers

We can help you sell your existing home so you can get into your new home.

If you have a mortgage to pay off before you can close on your new home, we will make your purchase ‘contingent’ on the sale of your current home. Your ROOST Real Estate Professional will guide you through the process, and work with you to coordinate all of the details.

Care to learn more about how we work with buyers like you?

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Home Inspections

We will refer you to a reputable home inspector so you know exactly what you’re buying and what to plan for in the future.

Your purchase contract will include the opportunity to hire a registered home inspector to go over the home from top to bottom looking for problems. The contract will be contingent on obtaining favorable inspections. If a major problem is discovered, and the seller is unable or unwilling to correct it, you will have the right to walk away from the purchase.

Contract to Closing

Your ROOST Real Estate Professional will help schedule your appraisal and inspections, follow up on any repairs that need done, coordinate with the title company, and handle anything else needed to complete the sale so you can focus on packing up for the move.

Finding the house of your dreams and getting it under contract is only half the battle. Expect that it will take 30 to even 60 days to get from an accepted contract to the closing table. At the closing, money will change hands, and the seller will sign the deed over to you

Are you a Home Buying Jedi Master?

Want to know your score?  Take 10 minutes and complete the scorecard.  Be sure to fill in the comments section.