Most realtors hate meetings.  Even the ones with free food don’t attract attendees like they used to.  The trick is to make them worthwhile by giving the agents what they want.  Believe it or not, what they want is to hear from you. 

We Meet Quarterly

We have our Big Team Quarterly Meetings at 8:30 on Tuesday mornings at a local hotel meeting room.  The hotel makes us a buffet breakfast and gives us a meeting space.  The meetings seldom last more than an hour and 15 minutes – including breakfast.

These meeting are critical because they are about the only time we can get everyone together in one place.  Since we do not burden our agents with an excessive number of meetings during the year, attendance is always close to 100%.

The Agenda

The meeting is simple.  I welcome everyone promptly at 8:30 and we start lining up for food.  Around 8:50 or so we go around the room and everyone tells us about his or her biggest win for the quarter.  These can be anything, personal or professional.  When my turn comes at the end, I launch into what I see as everyone’s biggest wins for the quarter. 

Timing and Reminders

I usually announce the meeting three weeks out and send out reminder emails each Monday prior to the meeting.  I email everyone my meeting notes after the meeting.  For my agenda, I use a worksheet that I adapted from a Strategic Coach tool called simply The Quarterly Meeting Worksheet. 

Every quarter prior to a meeting I pull out a clean Quarterly Meeting Worksheet, and the one I used last quarter.  The first column is titled ‘Morale’, the second column is titled ‘Momentum’, and the third column is titled ‘Motivation’.   In the ‘Morale’ column I list all the wins I can think of over the last three months.  These are office, company, staff, or agent wins.

The Most Important Thing Is Agent Recognition And Celebrating Wins

I go out of my way to recognize everyone in the room for something, or at a minimum, reinforce the win they just shared with the group.  I discuss our sales performance for the quarter relative to last year, as well as our market share ranking using MLS reports.  I use percentages, not hard numbers.  Often an agent who is seldom a top producer will outshine everyone for the quarter compared to last year.  The goal is to recognize success and reinforce our aspiration to lead the industry in average agent productivity.

What’s Happening Right Now

The ‘Momentum’ column is for all the things that we are working on right now.  I want to reinforce with the team that we are always moving forward and improving.  My goal is to highlight areas of focus and progress that will reinforce our collective confidence.  I may talk about basic working by referral principles, or how we are addressing challenges to the business.  I will also talk about new team members and any tech or office upgrades we are making.  I try to be as transparent and honest about what we are doing and why. 

Looking Forward

In the ‘Motivation’ column I list all the of the things we should be looking forward to over the next 90 days.  My goal is to generate excitement for the next 90 days.  Here I announce upcoming events, new marketing initiatives, and talk about where we are in The Rhythm of Our Business cycle and what to expect.  Finally, at the bottom of the form, I list my five major focuses over the next 90 days.

Take a look at the worksheet below.  My hope is it will help you get the most out of any time you are able to spend with your agents and staff.  Here’s to the good life!

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