“I Can’t Spend Another Night In This House!”

Do you feel this way about your house or apartment? Maybe 2019 is your year. Maybe there’s a move in your future…

  • Do you need more space for a growing family?
  • Do you want to locate to a new neighborhood or school district?
  • Are you thinking about moving to a smaller home or condominium?
  • Do you want to take advantage of a great buying opportunity?
  • Is it simply time for a change?

If you’re like most buyers, you’re excited about the idea of moving but also a little nervous. After all, whether you are buying your first home, or your next home, this is a big deal.

Do any of these thoughts sound familiar?  

  • Am I really ready for this?
  • Will I be able to get a loan?
  • Can I afford the house I want?
  • How do I know what a new house is really worth?
  • What if there are problems with the house I can’t see?

Don’t worry, it’s normal. The last thing you want to do is make an expensive mistake. You want you to fall in love with your new place, but you want it to be a good investment too.

A Different Kind of Brokerage

At ROOST Real Estate Co, our agents work by referral. This means that most of our business comes from past clients who refer new buyers and sellers to us. Our very best clients are those that are referred by people we have worked with in the past.

ROOST agents understand that the way to earn referrals tomorrow is by taking care of business today. They take the time to get to know their clients and understand their homeownership goals. That is a big reason why our clients return to us again and again. Many of our agents are at the point in their careers when their early clients are referring their children to them.

We are the real estate company people turn to at every stage of their lives. We are there when our clients rent their first apartment, buy their first home, buy their first investment property, and buy their retirement villa on the beach. We create clients for life.

ROOST Real Estate Co. agents are experts in their field and experts in the community in which the live and work.  ROOST agents are some of the most experienced in the business.  Every ROOST agent is a full time professional and passionate about helping people live the way they want to live today.

The Buyer Meeting

We always like to invite our first time buyer referrals, as well as people who are moving on to their next house, into the office for a 40 to 50 minute meeting.  

As your agent, we want to be clear on the following:

  • What is the most important thing to you about this move?  
  • What concerns do you have?  
  • Why is this the right time for you to buy a new home?

We want to make sure we understand exactly what you are looking for. We also want to review how we work with buyers like you. You can expect to touch base on things like:

  • Agency and how we represent you.
  • What working with a ROOST Realtor® is like.
  • How to make the Internet work for you.
  • Mortgage qualification vs. pre-approval.
  • How not to pay too much for your home.
  • Making an offer and negotiating counter offers.
  • Inspections and hidden problems.
  • Getting to closing and moving in.

We will go over our step by step process of buying a house and talk about how we can best work together. Finally, we will log onto the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) website together so you can see exactly what we see as we start your search.

The ROOST Commitment

Buying your first or your next home can be challenging and a little scary. There will be ups and downs along the way. Your ROOST® Real Estate Professional will be by your side from start to finish.  We have to do the best job we possibly can for you because our business depends on earning your referrals for years to come.

Meet for Coffee?

Check us out at Buy with ROOST and request a FREE buyer consultation today. You can also get a head start by downloading our Buy With ROOST™ brochure here:

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