Buying any home whether it’s your first, or twenty first, is a BIG deal.

For most of us, buying a new home is the biggest investment we make in our lives.

That’s why It makes sense to prepare yourself. You may want to study and train a little. If you’re really serious, you may even want to become a Home Buying Jedi Master

Every Home Buyer Jedi Master we have ever met shares these traits:

  • The Home Buying Jedi Master knows how to sort through the clutter on the web and HGTV.
  • The Home Buying Jedi Master knows what houses are selling for where she wants to live.
  • The Home Buying Jedi Master knows how to protect herself from a bad investment.
  • The Home Buying Jedi Master writes offers that get accepted.
  • The Home Buying Jedi Master works with her agent before, during and after the sale.

Whether you are a first-time buyer, a move up buyer, an investor, or an empty nester, we have the experience you need to navigate your local real estate market. We’ll help take you from R2-D2 status to a Home Buying Jedi Master. But first, you’ll need to fill out this scorecard. Take your time and fill in the comment sections, too.

Wherever your scores lie, you have the power to control your home buying experience and use your knowledge to find the perfect home for you and your family.

Chris McAllister

* If you’re a Star Wars fan – you understand where we’re coming from.  If not – we still think you’ll get the idea!

The Home Buying Jedi Master Manifesto

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