Technology Can Only Get Us So Far

Technology has made buying and selling real estate so much easier and efficient than it was just a few years ago.  The internet and smartphones have put the power of real-time information in the hands of both buyers and sellers. 

Once Upon A Time

Back in the day, Realtors controlled this information.  That created a real bottleneck for consumers.  Today, the information about what is on the market and the asking prices are free and available to anyone who cares to look.

Realtors Have To Add Value – Or Find A New Line of Work

This does not mean that all real estate agents are going away anytime soon – but some will.  The fact is there is no substitute for an experienced professional to collaborate with when buying and selling real estate.  Just the tips and tricks to navigating and sorting the huge amount of information out there make the relationship you have with your agent invaluable. 

The Mainland vs. Cloudlandia

The information that used to live in the physical world now lives in the digital world, or the ‘cloud’.  I like to think of the digital world as ‘Cloudlandia’ and the physical world as the ‘Mainland’.  Getting a transaction from ‘Cloudlandia’ down here to the ‘Mainland’ smoothly and successfully takes an experienced professional. It takes more than the internet to get a transaction the last 100 yards to the closing table.

Getting You From Contract To Closing Is Where Your Realtor Makes It Real

The time between negotiating a contract and getting to the closing table can be the most stressful part of selling your home.  Expect that it will take 30 to 45 days to get from an accepted contract to the closing where money will change hands and the seller will sign the deed over to the buyer.  You should expect your agent to manage all of the details of the transaction and keep you up to date throughout the process.

And There’s More

During the time your home is in contract, the lender will have an appraisal done to make sure the loan is appropriately secured.  Your agent will make sure that any negotiated repairs are completed by the seller prior to closing.  The title company, working on both your lender’s behalf and the buyer’s behalf, will perform a title search on the property to make sure it can be legally conveyed to the new owners. 

Buyers Have More Hurdles These Days Than Ever

If you are the buyer, your lender will continue their due diligence and probably ask you for additional documentation regarding your finances.  Finally, your agent will schedule and coordinate a final walk-through, and coordinate moving dates if appropriate.  Every transaction is different and there are always some ups and downs during the process. You can count on an experienced real estate professional to get your through.

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