Are your rental properties working for you – or is it the other way around?

The ROOST Landlord Advantage™

Let us do what we do best, so you can do more of what you do best.

Rent with ROOST™

We tell tenants what we expect so they can be Great Tenants.

Prospective tenants across a wide spectrum of price points look to ROOST Real Estate Co. for available apartments and homes to rent. Tenants and Owners both benefit from the policies and expectations outlined in Rent With ROOST™, a comprehensive guide to being a successful tenant.

ROOST Real Estate Co brings a very high degree of professionalism and service to a business that is too often an afterthought for most real estate companies.  ROOST Real Estate Co. has saved us thousands of dollars and dramatically increased our cash flow over the past two years.  I highly recommend them.”

Dennis Stegner, Stelter LLC

The Advertising Solution

We put your vacant properties everywhere on the internet so prospective tenants can see them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All of our available inventory can be viewed online via computer, tablet or smartphone on hundreds of rental property websites including Zillow and

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The Tenant Selection Process

We screen every applicant so only the best qualified candidates get to live in your properties.

Our application process includes a criminal background, credit, and reference check. We look for prior evictions and verify employment. We require applicants to produce paystubs to verify their income. We supply all the paperwork and disclosures necessary to comply with all local, state and federal Fair Housing laws.

“We work closely with investors. We help investors find, evaluate, purchase, and manage investment property.  By offering Property Management services to our investors, what we call The ROOST Landlord Advantage™; they are more comfortable buying more property”

Gretchen McAllister / Property Manager, Realtor® since 2008.

The Rent Maximizer

We collect the rent so you can rest easy and get paid.

Hire Us Today

Your success as a real estate investor depends on positive tenant relationships. Our team understands the importance of retaining your existing tenants as well as attracting new ones. However, our policy is that rent is due on the 1st, late on the 5th and we post 3-day eviction notices by the 10th.

The Team Advantage

We employ a dedicated staff of professionals so any concerns you have are addressed immediately.

We have a staff of professionals dedicated to your positive cash flow. Our property management team includes a licensed Property Manager, a licensed Tenant Relations Manager and a Tenant Relations Assistant / Receptionist. Our team also includes three full-time bookkeepers.

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The Tenant Service Standard

We take care of your tenants so they stay in your property longer.

We have a talented and capable staff of maintenance people available for routine and preventative work.  After-hours emergency maintenance is available as well. Our standard is to complete routine requests within 48 hours and to stay in touch with the tenant throughout the process.

Want to know your score?

Take ten minutes to score yourself on the eight mindsets shared by the most successful real estate investors we’ve ever worked with.

The Profitability Snapshot

We look after your properties like they were our own so you know where every dollar goes every month.

We employ an internet based property management system which allows owners access their year to date financial information every month at their convenience.  We can disperse proceeds monthly, quarterly, or annually.

The Rehab and Renew Plan

Our plans for your projects included obtaining at least two bids with separate line items for labor and materials to better keep track of where your money is going.

We know that rehabbing or renewing a property between tenants can be the most aggravating and expensive part of being a landlord, In fact, this is the area that if mismanaged, is the most likely to negatively impact cash flow and profitability. After you select a contractor, we monitor the project and only recommend final payment when fully completed.

We are licensed in every state we do business to perform property management services. We tailor our services to the unique needs of each ROOST Landlord Advantage client. Being licensed means we have to stay up to date on latest fair housing and real estate laws so you don’t have to.

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