A Shout Out to Dan Sullivan and The Strategic Coach

Dan Sullivan, founder of the entrepreneurial coaching firm Strategic Coach, says that successful entrepreneurs enjoy four freedoms.  The freedom of ‘time’, the freedom of ‘money’, the freedom of ‘relationship’, and the freedom of ‘purpose’.  So, what might these four freedoms look like for a real estate professional?

The Freedom of Time

The freedom of ‘time’ means that you are in control of your day.  We all heard that becoming a Realtor® would allow us to work when and how we want to, but at the end of the day, how many of us have control over our time?  Whether because we feel financial pressure to be on duty all of the time or we lack the team and support to allow us to focus on what we know we should be doing – instead of what we feel obligated to do – our time is not always our own.  

The Freedom of Relationship

The freedom of ‘relationship’.  How many times has our confidence been depleted by working with people we just flat out do not enjoy working with because we have no other choice?  Freedom of relationship means you work with and work for only the people that support and appreciate all you have to offer.

The Freedom of Money

What about money?  Yes, the real estate industry offers unlimited income potential.  But let’s be honest, if you lack the resources to claim your share of that income real estate pays pretty poorly.  ROOST Real Estate Co. is structured so that our agents are able to achieve the highest overall compensation in the area by making sure everyone focuses on what they do best – every day.

The Freedom of Purpose

Which brings us to ‘purpose’.  Why did you get into this business?  Most of us want to help people make the big moves in their lives.  We want to be heroes to our clients with every transaction. Our purpose is clear, to help people live the way they want to live today.  When your purpose engages with your ability to help people the money follows.

“With ROOST Real Estate Co., I want to offer a compelling alternative to the way most agents and brokers experience this business on a day-to-day basis. I see no point in being in this business if it doesn’t allow for a superior way of life. There is way too much risk, hard work and heartache to do it if there isn’t a big payoff. “

~ Chris McAllister

Care to Learn More?

Care to learn more about how we approach our business, and relationships with real estate professionals? Visit us at www.PartnerWithRoost.com

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