We Aspire To Create a Culture of Abundance

An abundant mindset at our company is characterized by adding value, building relationships, being of use, and collaboration that creates predictable and sustainable income.  It is the direct opposite of a scarcity mentality.  A mindset of scarcity results in a real estate office where the team members are motivated by fear as they wonder where their next lead will come from.  A scarcity mentality leads to anxiety, frustration, and an unhappy cycle of living closing to closing.               

Things That Set Us Apart

Our core values of working by referral, working with buyers, sellers, investors, and the people who rent from them, and creating an environment where our associates can do what they do best every day, sets us apart from every other major real estate brand in the country. 

We provide our Broker / Partners and our Agent / Associates with all of the latest and greatest technology and tools to enable them to build more and deeper relationships with their clients.

Our agents who have come to us from other offices tell us that this was the best move they have ever made for their business.  Not only did their sales improve but they were more profitable and had better control of their time. 

In short, they increased their personal freedom and their capabilities.

Even If It’s Just For A Cup Of Coffee

When you come into the office there is always something going on.  People are excited and that excitement is infectious.  Many of our agents have home offices and do a lot of work in the field, but they look forward to being at the office. 

Many stop by just a few times a week and others make full use of their work space and the facilities.  They are proud to meet clients at the office.  And since there is always something going on there is always someone on staff who can assist a client who may need to drop something off or sign a document.

Your Brokerage for Life™

We expect to be the only brokerage our agents will ever need.  Our goal is to grow, adapt, and create whatever new capabilities are necessary to support the finest professionals in the business as our industry evolves over time.  We are alert to changes in the market and the ever changing needs of our associates and clients.  We will not be left behind.  We will not allow our team members to be left behind.

We talk about our clients being able to rely on ROOST from the time they rent their first apartment all the way until they buy their last retirement villa on the beach.

Our team members rely on ROOST from the day they earn their real estate license, to the day they hire their first assistant, to the day they assemble their first team, open their first ROOST or Lucky Town franchise, to the day they begin the process of selling their business and start looking forward to their own retirement villa on the beach.

Our agents can expect the support and coaching they need at whatever stage they are in their career.

We’d Love To Talk To You

If ROOST Real Estate Co. sounds like the real estate firm you’ve been looking for, visit us at www.ROOSTRealEstateCo.com and schedule and schedule a phone call to chat: www.roostrealestateco.com/schedule-an-appointment/

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